Leaked Konami Emails Complain About Slowing Ceiling Fans

KonamiWhile recent leaks have shown that working conditions at Konami are not all it is cracked up to be, indicating extremely Orwellian conditions. Yet even those reports might not show the full extent of the problems.

New leaks have shown that some workers have it even worse than we might have imagined. According to one leaked email, management had complaints about the ceiling fans in their offices not working at reliable speeds.

“My ceiling fan has been dragging lately and my office is getting too hot and stuffy,” One email said. “Please send a replacement employee to man the crank and have the current employee sent to the sump pumps.”

There are many more emails very much like this indicating that many in management have their own man-powered ceiling fan in their offices. While this may help in keeping management cool, it is contributing to the greatly heated climate of Konami working conditions.

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