Ubisoft Set To Buy The Humble Bundle

Yay! More Ubisoft DRM!The Humble Bundle has been on an upward trajectory for several years now. This has attracted the attention of a number of investors and potential buyers. It now looks like the Humble Bundle has decided to take up one of those offers.

This offer comes from Ubisoft itself. Based on documents we have obtained, Ubisoft will buy the Humble Bundle for $10million. 25% of which will be paid to a charity that Ubisoft will pick at a later time.

With this buyout, there will be some changes. The first major change after Ubisoft takes ownership is to ditch the DRM-free nature of the bundles. All games currently featured in bundles or in the store will be transferred to Ubisoft’s uPlay service. This means that all games will be required to use uPlay’s DRM in order to qualify for future bundles and to remain on the Humble Store.

The second major change will be the complete loss of all Mac and Linux version of the games available. With uPlay being a Windows only service, they will no longer be able to offer Linux and Mac copies of games.

When asked for comments, an Ubisoft rep simply refused to make a statement, but could be heard cackling maniacally as they hung up the phone.

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