Indie Dev Gives Up Game Development For Career Playing Slots

My odds of success are actually better here.After spending thousands of hours of sleepless, knuckle-cracking game development work, releasing dozens of mobile game titles and and dealing with an ungrateful  audience, an indie game developer has finally given up indie game development work to play the slots.

In a series of tweets, the developer described her experience in game development as follows:

The work is long, grueling, demanding and overall unrewarding. After releasing dozens of games, I have made less than minimum wage for all that effort. On top of it, the people who have played our games are just plain rude. I have worked over the last few years trying to release that magic game that will make it all worth it. I think I will have better odds of making it big in Vegas playing the slots.

When asked if she was serious about switching to playing the slots, she said she absolutely was. She is already in the process of selling her meager belongings to pay her way to Vegas and get started. As for if she ever will return to game development work, she had this to say:

I could either continue trying to make it big as an indie dev or I could get a brutal AAA job. Neither prospect will do me any better than playing the slots. That is my plan.

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