Pokemon Company Sues To End Child’s Birthday Party

Pokemon Company uses litigate. It was extremely effective.Just days after filing suit to end a PAX Prime launch party, the Pokemon Company has continued its legal rampage, this time targeting a child’s 7th birthday party.

According to court filings in US District Court of Wisconsin, the Pokemon Company finds that the child’s hand drawn party invitations feature reproductions of artwork copyrighted by the Pokemon Company. Additionally, the Pokemon Company claims that the home decorated cake the mother made also violates the company’s copyrights.

Based on the lawsuit, the Pokemon company is looking to recuperate the costs of the lawsuit as well as asking for damages both actual and statutory, as well as the destruction of all infringing products.

When contacted for comment, the lawyer representing the Pokemon Company brushed off any concern about how the lawsuit makes them look, “We don’t care if you are a grown man throwing an open party at a major gaming event or a seven year-old kid, if our property is infringed, we will protect it.”

When we asked the family for comment, the child through suppressed sobs cried, “Why did they take my cake? Do they hate me?”

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