Randy Pitchford Launches “Anti-Kickstarter” Asking For Money To Not Make Games

Aliens Colonial MarinesRandy Pitchford of Gearbox has been making waves in the last few weeks. He has been on the warpath defending his reputation as well as that of Gearbox after the fiasco that was Aliens Colonial Marines. He even says that he doesn’t regret making the game. “I lost somewhere between $10 million and $15 million that I invested in that game. I still don’t regret it. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.”

But gamers aren’t buying it. They have made claims that Gearbox purposefully sabotaged the development of the game and have even sued Sega and Gearbox over false advertising claims. Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts 3 To Contain Pro-Copyright And Anti-Piracy Themes

kingdomhearts3Fans of the Square/Disney crossover franchise, Kingdom Hearts, have been looking forward to the eventual release of Kingdom Hearts 3 for a long time. They have been eating up every announcement and leak about the game. However, they might be a little disappointed by the overall theme and message of this much anticipated title. Continue reading

Mario Teaches Typing Designer To Launch Spiritual Sequel On Kickstarter

Mario Teaches TypingWith the recent run of successful Kickstarters starring designers of hit franchises such as Megaman, Castlevania and Monkey Island, other designers are looking to break out on their own and use Kickstarter to fund their dream projects.  Some of these designers are well known, some are lesser known. Yet, they all want a slice of the heavenly Kickstarter pie. Continue reading

Nintendo To Abandon Console Development To Become Patent Troll

This generation has not been kind to Nintendo. Since the launch of the WiiU, Nintendo has had to readjust its profit expectations every year. The truth is, Nintendo has not been able to convince the public that it wants or needs a WiiU.

These poor profit expectations are making Nintendo shareholders antsy. According to leaked briefs from private shareholder meetings, these shareholders are demanding fundamental changes to Nintendo’s business model. Continue reading

Feminist Frequency Announces New Video Series “Men As A Hate Mob”

Tropes vs Women in Video Games by Femenist FrequencyFollowing on the success of their Tropes Vs Women in Video Games, Feminist Frequency is looking to explore further tropes in and around games. After exhaustive research, they have found the series they want to make.

“We really got the idea from the interactions we have had with gamers since we announced our Tropes series,” Feminist Frequency spokesperson Anita Sarkeesian said. “They really inspired us to go the extra mile and explore male roles in video gaming.” Continue reading

Lack Of Motivation Leads Square To Cancel Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 RemakeFor many years, rumors had circulated that Square Enix would remake fan favorite JRPG Final Fantasy 7 using today’s modern gaming technology. Then at E3 2015 Square finally announced that they were in fact working on said remake. Fans were ecstatic at the news and excitement quickly spread throughout the world.

Unfortunately, things might not be looking too hot for this wildly anticipated game. According to leaked internal memos, Square management is having a hard time keeping staff motivated. According to the memo and reports from people close to the project, much of the Square design team and most of the development team are just not that fond of the game. Continue reading

Hardcore Gamer Admits He Prefers Buying Games Over Playing Them

Massive Game LibraryA hardcore gamer stands proudly alongside his massive game collection spanning multiple console generations and platforms. “This isn’t even all of them. I have several thousand games in my Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle accounts.” You give him any game title for any system and he quickly pulls it out. “Metal Saga for the PS2? Right here. World Series Baseball 2k1 on the Dreamcast? Yep.” Continue reading