Microsoft Testing NFC Figure Waters With Minecraft

Nothing Like NFC Chips to make everything betterAfter carefully watching the NFC chip embedded figure scene for several years, Microsoft feels confident they have what it takes to do it themselves. “We were interested after Skylanders and Disney Infinity, but when Nintendo released its Amiibo series we knew we had to get in on that action ourselves,” Microsoft XBox division head Phil Spencer said. Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts 3 To Contain Pro-Copyright And Anti-Piracy Themes

kingdomhearts3Fans of the Square/Disney crossover franchise, Kingdom Hearts, have been looking forward to the eventual release of Kingdom Hearts 3 for a long time. They have been eating up every announcement and leak about the game. However, they might be a little disappointed by the overall theme and message of this much anticipated title. Continue reading

Lack Of Motivation Leads Square To Cancel Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 RemakeFor many years, rumors had circulated that Square Enix would remake fan favorite JRPG Final Fantasy 7 using today’s modern gaming technology. Then at E3 2015 Square finally announced that they were in fact working on said remake. Fans were ecstatic at the news and excitement quickly spread throughout the world.

Unfortunately, things might not be looking too hot for this wildly anticipated game. According to leaked internal memos, Square management is having a hard time keeping staff motivated. According to the memo and reports from people close to the project, much of the Square design team and most of the development team are just not that fond of the game. Continue reading

Razer Announces New Vision For Ouya

The Ouya ConsoleFollowing the announcement that Razer is buying Ouya, the folks behind the purchase have expressed what they see as the future of the Ouya to be. They stated clearly that the Ouya has been a great console, a wonderful place for indies to cut their teeth and a great console for gamers to compliment their gaming catalog.

However, they feel that there is much more for the console in its future as a part of Razer. “We feel the Ouya didn’t go far enough. It can do so much more,” an exec at Razer said. With this new acquisition, Razer has stated that they want to do more to attract the core gaming demographic. “One of the Ouya’s failings was that it did not attract enough attention from the hardcore gaming crowd. We want to change that.” Continue reading

Nintendo Secretly Working On New QOL Initiative Named “Project 1UP”

Nintendo CEO Satoru IwataIn a leaked confidential conference call between the heads of Nintendo’s worldwide offices and select share holders, it was revealed that Nintendo has accelerated one of its Quality of Life initiatives in the wake of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata’s unfortunate passing.

While the exact details of the program are unclear, we do know for sure the name, “Project 1UP”. In the conference call, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime was heard explaining that Iwata’s legacy must be preserved to be brought anew in the near future. When answering questions on the project, Fils-Aime explained that Iwata’s brain and hands are preserved in a state of suspended animation until the technology is ready to “bring them back to life.”

Based on this quote, we can only guess as to the true nature of “Project 1UP”. It could be a system to clone Iwata and transplant his consciousness into the new body. An alternative theory is the creation of some kind of mechanical vessel which will house Iwata’s preserved brains and hands creating some kind of “robo-CEO”.