Feminist Frequency Announces New Video Series “Men As A Hate Mob”

Tropes vs Women in Video Games by Femenist FrequencyFollowing on the success of their Tropes Vs Women in Video Games, Feminist Frequency is looking to explore further tropes in and around games. After exhaustive research, they have found the series they want to make.

“We really got the idea from the interactions we have had with gamers since we announced our Tropes series,” Feminist Frequency spokesperson Anita Sarkeesian said. “They really inspired us to go the extra mile and explore male roles in video gaming.”

The first video series in this new line is titledĀ “Men as a Hate Mob.” This series will explore the male role as a mob of mindless drones echoing the current topic of hate in the gaming community. The second series will explore “Men as Misogynists.” This one covers the male role in belittling women and driving them out of male dominated arenas. Other videos of interest would beĀ “Men as Homophobes” which seeks to study the male gamer’s insecurity about his own sexuality, with another “Men as Voyeurs” which explores the male need to sexualize and gawk at women.

When asked how well this video series will be received, Sarkeesian said, “Well, male gamers have been demanding that we create a series dedicated to male tropes in gaming. Why wouldn’t they like it?”

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