Nintendo Secretly Working On New QOL Initiative Named “Project 1UP”

Nintendo CEO Satoru IwataIn a leaked confidential conference call between the heads of Nintendo’s worldwide offices and select share holders, it was revealed that Nintendo has accelerated one of its Quality of Life initiatives in the wake of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata’s unfortunate passing.

While the exact details of the program are unclear, we do know for sure the name, “Project 1UP”. In the conference call, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime was heard explaining that Iwata’s legacy must be preserved to be brought anew in the near future. When answering questions on the project, Fils-Aime explained that Iwata’s brain and hands are preserved in a state of suspended animation until the technology is ready to “bring them back to life.”

Based on this quote, we can only guess as to the true nature of “Project 1UP”. It could be a system to clone Iwata and transplant his consciousness into the new body. An alternative theory is the creation of some kind of mechanical vessel which will house Iwata’s preserved brains and hands creating some kind of “robo-CEO”.

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