Rust Developers Announce Gender And Race Reassignment Surgery Program

Rust by Facepunch StudiosThe developers behind the hit Steam Early Access Game Rust, Facepunch Studios, revealed the ultimate direction of their gender and race experiment. For those not in the know, when a player first launches Rust, they are randomly assigned a race for their player character, including its looks, build, and penis size. In a coming update, they will be adding gender and most likely breast size to that mix. These traits are then permanently locked to the player’s Steam ID.

This was done with the purpose of giving players a look at how people of other races and genders feel when gaming online, and even living their lies offline. According the Facepunch, the experiment has been a success so far. With a number of people loving and hating the feature, the results stand for themselves.

Yet, Facepunch feels that this experiment does not go far enough. “We have found that a lot of people really like playing as a black guy or an Asian woman. They wish that these changes could be something that they can enjoy even outside the game.” To satisfy these gamers, Facepuch has announced an initiative to raise funds for gender reassignment surgery, plastic surgery and an experimental new race reassignment surgery for those players who wish to bring their in-game persona to the real world.

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