Valve Making Power Play To Make SteamOS The Default Gaming OS

One OS to rule them all, one OS to bring them in and in darkness bind them.Over the last week, Valve has been removing the SteamOS icon from games made to work on Linux if they don’t work 100% with Valve’s own SteamOS. This follows a controversial move to replace the Linux Tux icon and replace it with the SteamOS icon. This move shows that Valve would prefer to support its own OS rather than an OS they don’t have full control of. According to sources close to the move, this is only the beginning.

According to our source with Valve, this is a test run for a Valve power play to force all games to support its SteamOS or they will be delisted from Steam. “What Gabe wants is to be the première OS for PC gaming. He is tired of the headache of having to support multiple operating systems in order to stay in business. So we have had to make motions toward moving all games off of the other OSes and onto SteamOS. The test run is happening with Linux first as it is the smallest support segment and the easiest to muscle onto our OS. MacOS is next. Windows will follow some time in the next year or two.”

When asked why Valve is making this grab for complete PC gaming dominance, our source said that Valve is just tired of dealing with the crap from all these other OS makers. “They [Windows, Mac and Ubuntu OS makers] have conditioned players to seek technical support not from them but from us, the store that sold the game. Can you imagine what it would be like if Gamestop got constant support calls about games it sells?”

When asked if Valve is just trying to take over PC gaming and become the largest game platform in the world in order to control what games get made, our source just laughed awkwardly and ended our call.

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