Local Game Store Finds Goldmine In Retro Game Sales

Crazy Sales At Crazy PricesIt is no secret that the retro games scene is a lucrative piece of games culture. It is so big that a lot of retailers are taking up retro sales, including Game Stop’s return to classic gaming. We recently caught wind of a new game store opening up and which is┬áhoping to get a piece of the sweet retro pie.

We took a stroll through this store and found games from pretty much every generation of consoles. Everything from the Commodore 64 all the way to the PS4. But what took us by surprise were the prices on those retro games.

$799 for Super Mario Bros/Duckhunt. $699 for Sonic 2. $1299 for for Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. No, those prices are not missing a decimal. Those are exact dollars.

When asked about the prices, the manager was quick to answer, “Those retro gamers are easy marks. If they think they are finding a rare gem, they will pay out the nose for it.” When asked how many games they sell, he responded, “Not many but it only takes one or two games a week to make it worth it.”

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