Nintendo To Abandon Console Development To Become Patent Troll

This generation has not been kind to Nintendo. Since the launch of the WiiU, Nintendo has had to readjust its profit expectations every year. The truth is, Nintendo has not been able to convince the public that it wants or needs a WiiU.

These poor profit expectations are making┬áNintendo shareholders antsy. According to leaked briefs from private shareholder meetings, these shareholders are demanding fundamental changes to Nintendo’s business model.

Spurred on by Nintendo’s success in fighting patent lawsuits, Nintendo’s shareholders are demanding that Nintendo more effectively monetize its own patent portfolio. Rather than remain on the defensive on patents, they want to see Nintendo go on the offensive. Nintendo holds a wide array of patents that ┬áthese shareholders feel are being infringed on a regular basis by other companies.

Of course, this strategy will not be as effective if Nintendo continues to open itself up to potential lawsuits by continuing game and console development. The shareholders are demanding that Nintendo abandon console and game development to focus on exercising its patent portfolio full time.

There will be a vote on this new strategy in an upcoming shareholder meeting, and it is likely to succeed. Those in support of this move have already gained a near majority of votes among those seeking to earn the most money from their investment in Nintendo.

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