Hardcore Gamer Admits He Prefers Buying Games Over Playing Them

Massive Game LibraryA hardcore gamer stands proudly alongside his massive game collection spanning multiple console generations and platforms. “This isn’t even all of them. I have several thousand games in my Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle accounts.” You give him any game title for any system and he quickly pulls it out. “Metal Saga for the PS2? Right here. World Series Baseball¬†2k1 on the Dreamcast? Yep.”

He is a proud owner of several limited edition preorder specials as well. “Oh, I buy multiple copies too. One of each edition, including the eventual game of the year edition released 6 months after initial launch.”

With such a massive game collection, he must never run out of games to play. “Play? What do you mean. I don’t play any of them. I just buy them because I like it.” When asked if he has ever played any of the game before, he responded, “Yeah, I tried once in 2003 but couldn’t really get into it. So I just buy them and display them now.”

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