Mario Teaches Typing Designer To Launch Spiritual Sequel On Kickstarter

Mario Teaches TypingWith the recent run of successful Kickstarters starring designers of hit franchises such as Megaman, Castlevania and Monkey Island, other designers are looking to break out on their own and use Kickstarter to fund their dream projects.  Some of these designers are well known, some are lesser known. Yet, they all want a slice of the heavenly Kickstarter pie.

One such designer is Thomas R. Decker, designer of the hit educational game Mario Teaches Typing. Thomas feels that the world is suffering from a lack of creative and fun educational games that target today’s rising generation. “When I designed Mario [Teaches Typing], I was looking to instil a love of computing on a rising generation of gamers. I know I was successful by the shear number of indie game developers there are today.”

Thomas plans to launch a Kickstarter soon for a spiritual sequel to his hit game. Although he does not have access to the Mario franchise, he feels that his name and the game he has planned will carry the Kickstarter to success. “Since I don’t have Mario anymore, I plan on designing my own character, Plumber X,” Thomas smiled proudly.

With kids these days spending less time on computers and more time on their mobile devices, Thomas is plans on taking his new game directly to this rising generation. Instead of focusing on typing on a computer keyboard, the game will focus on mobile keypads. “The game will be called ‘Plumber X Teaches Texting.’ There is a huge market potential here that has yet remained untapped.”

Plumber X Teaches Texting will be launching on Kickstarter soon with a $500,000 funding goal. Thomas has a tentative release date of January 2016 for Plumber X Teaches Texting. It will target Windows Phone primarily with potential targets of Android and iPhone depending on stretch goals achieved.

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